Styrofoam Impression Box Kit
for any hard or soft orthotic, includes  instructions. Use box, return to  Cape Cod Cobbler. Perfect for taking impressions of feet. Available in bulk or in boxes.
($35 Credited toward orthotic.)

Styrofoam Impression Box Kit


Genuine Leather Inner Soles

Black or Tan

Comfortable leather antibacterial soles reduce foot burning and moisture, latex foam reduces foot odor. 


Pedag Viva Mini
Arch Supports

Fits any shoe - Dress, causal, Athletic

U.S. Sizes Only

Ladies 5 - 12
Mens 5 - 14


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Frankford Diabetic Comfort Insoles

Eliminate friction, keep dry

Sizes 8-14

Sizes 7-12


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Spenco Arch Support

Rigid Arch 
3/4 covered or Full Covered

Mens Sizes 5-15

Womens sizes
up to 12

All the features of our Total Support® Original but with a stiffer, more rigid arch support and SpenCore® Forefoot Pad. Perfect for serious athletes needing stiffer, more rigid support. Spenco® Total Support® Insoles feature our patented 3-POD® Modulation System: By positioning pods with varying degrees of hardness beneath key areas of the foot, Total Support® Insoles change the ground forces reaching the foot during activity. This tunes the ride for increased performance and superior comfort while helping to reduce over-pronation—a common problem that causes foot, leg and back pain. Spenco® Total Support® Insoles are unconditionally guaranteed for one year.

Total Support® Technology aids in the relief of symptoms caused by Plantar Fasciitis.

The Shape That Feels Great®

For half sizes order the next size down.
For example, if you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10.

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Spenco Max
Total Support Sandals

Call for Styles

Come by and pick them up!

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 Adjustable Heel Cushion

Cushioned rubber back for leg discrepancy or elevation. Peel to desired thickness 3/8 inch in 1/8 inch increments