Comments from some of our customers. 

Refurbished Orthotics

Hello Victor: Before I spoke to you on phone a while back in regard to refurbishing these orthotics, I didn't even know it was an option. I just thought it had to wait until I needed new orthotics in another couple of years! They are in desperate need and will be nice to have them looking like new. Thank you. Please overnight them back as previously discussed and include some of your business cards! Thanks again, Annie B., Nantucket

Wearing Shoes Again Pain Free

Dear Victor - My feet were in such bad shape that I could only wear sandals and slippers. My wonderful custom orthotics have allowed me to wear shoes againa and without any discomfort. I highly recommend Victor's knowledgeable, capable expertise.

Freedom to Walk Normally

Dear Victor, Although in the future I will be seeing you for all of my future footwear needs, I wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I have been with your work. It's been a long road to get here. I traveled quite a distance and had the best surgeon ever. I know that it was worth the trip because I was also lucky enough to find your shop. The kind of surgery that I have had on my leg and the fear of what my future would be like can be scary. I now know that with your fine work I will always feel the freedom of being able to walk normally and feel the security of knowing that I can count on your help. Your level of knowledge and attention to detail, not to mention the best customer service I can imagine, is extraordinary. Thank you again and again.
Sincerely yours, Irene A.

Wife's Orthotics Convince Husband, Too

Dear Victor: My wife, Kelley, purchased orthotics from you and is quite happy with them. She has used orthotics for many years as her old ones had worn out and needed to be replaced. Her only regret is that she didn't find you sooner. Your new orthotics are far better than the old ones. As I was experiencing some foot discomfort at the time, Kelley encouraged me to do the same. Somewhat reluctantly, I did so, and now I am quite happy that she pushed me to buy the orthotics. They took a little time to get used to, but now I am truly a convert and never going back to using shoes without them. As you explained to me, it is so much better to be walking on the entire bottom of your feet rather than using only a couple of spots. The custom orthotics perfectly match my feet and have essentially eliminated whatever pain I had been experiencing. Thank you so much!

Work Boots Dry, Last Longer

Victor: Thank you for teaching me how to take better care of my work boots so that they remain dry and last much longer. I look forward to talking with you about insoles.  

New Life for Leather Winter Coat

Dear Victor: Thank you so very much for giving "life" back to my 20 year old favorite leather winter coat. The new lining is such a beautiful material and so expertly sewn in, that if it weren't new, no one would know it hadn't always been there. My coat may now have another 20 years of life. Again, thank you! 

Orthotics for Sesamoiditis

The inspirational honesty, patience and skill of Victor Hadawar of The Cobbler's Bench in Centerville, MA, are definite assets to our business and professional community. I was not able to walk without severe pain until I was guided to Victor and The Cobbler's Bench. I had bunion surgery on my right foot which weakened it; I had two subsequent falls due to this compromised condition. My original orthopedic surgeon, who has moved to R.l., had rushed me through office visits without proper guidance. After six years of suffering, visiting a few podiatrists, trying different orthotics, different casts and cortisone treatment I was led to Victor.

The previous specialist at New England Baptist Hospital had diagnosed me with severe sesamoiditis (walking bone on bone with very little padding.). He claimed it was too risky to operate. Victor, with his patience and skill, modified my orthotics with unbelievable handiwork and craft. My maternal grandfather and great grandfather were shoemakers and I now realize the importance of such a respected profession! Victor is helping me to walk again! My foot is healing slowly and walking is manageable. I am very grateful. It will take time; it is not a quick fix. Hope, words of wisdom with a sense of humor and compassion are all Victor's extra benefits for a prescription for HAPPY FEET. I needed a skilled cobbler originally from Jerusalem to understand me and my feet. I appreciate my ability to walk again. Sincerely, Maggie H.  

Orthotic Satisfaction Guaranteed

Victor Hadawar makes outstandingly comfortable orthotics in his shop-The Cobblers Bench located in the Bell Tower Mall in Centerville, Mass. Speaking personally, after three years of wearing so-so orthotics and shoes, both my husband and I find it unbelievable to be without painful, aching feet. Unlike other practitioners, Victor personally molds, makes, fits and modifies his orthotics right there on the premises. using a variety of materials adapted to your own individual needs. He will continue to adjust them if necessary until you are satisfied. Because he does his own work on premises rather than sending them out again and waiting for each adjustment., comfort arrives sooner - unlike some podiatrists we have used in the past, as many fittings and visits as necessary were included in the original price. Should you be unsatisfied, a full refund would be made .. We wholeheartedly recommend Victor's work and his work ethic of satisfaction guaranteed.   

Excellent Orthotic Treatment

I wanted to thank you for the excellent orthotic treatment that you provided me. I had an acute case of plantar fasciitis and visited two different podiatrists for a solution. Both of them provided me with orthotics and neither really helped me. When I came to you with my condition, you were able to successfully diagnose my situation and create the exact orthotics that I needed to heal. I now have them in every shoe and boot I own including flip flops, and my feet have never felt better. I'd recommend Victor Hadawar and his orthotics to anyone with chronic foot pain. Victor really understands the mechanics of the foot from his many years of experience. He was able to adapt his orthotics to address my complex foot problem. Thanks again, Victor.

Skill and Professionalism

I am so happy that Victor's shop, The Cobbler's Bench, was recommended to me by my favorite shoe store on the Cape! Since finding Victor, I have been completely happy with everything that I have brought to him. Not only is Victor's work first rate, he is accommodating and his prices are very fair. Victor has done complex repairs, modifications, and custom work for me - and they all tum out beautifully. He has also quickly polished shoes for my husband so that they look like new again, and kept me in insoles. I am so happy that since moving to the Cape from the Boston area, I have found someone with Victor's level of skill and professionalism.