For over 3 generations, Cobblers Bench has been committed to providing the best service and referral sources in the Cape Cod area. 
Over the course of a lifetime most people experience some type of foot problem. It may be as simple as a blister or callus or something complicated enough to require hospitalization. But the majority of foot problems, although they can be serious in degree, are relatively correctable with personal attention from our experts.

Let our friendly and experienced staff provide you with the shoe sizes and widths that is personalized to your needs. We understand that proper shoes are an important factor when trying to alleviate pain.

Our Orthopedics Services Include:

  • Custom made orthotics ( shoes )
  • Accommodate all widths
  • Orthopedic build-ups and modifications
  • Orthotic refurbishing
  • Shoe elevations
  • Sole and heel lifts
  • Inside lifts
  • Velcro straps
  • Metatarsal bars
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel pain